Hello all you bone-crushers!
I know, there are not many yet, but I am confident that there will be more. I have our first registration this week! If you are interested in registering and being grandfathered in when the paying model starts, go ahead and hit the Free Registration page. I am very excited about this endeavor, and I am sure that together, we will all be able to help each other. I look forward to sharing everything I know, and to helping you share your experiences with each other.

I am still reeling from the shock of the loss of my extraordinary friend. But I am aware that I have much to be thankful for. So this year, as much as you can, look around. Note the good things in life. Be aware that all complaints are relative (and I don’t mean that all complaints should be about relatives!). Take comfort in the good things in life. Hug those you love. Make time.

Here’s a short list of things I am thankful for:
Love in hard times.
Friends and family who love me anyway.
Books – and the awesome writers who write them.
The opportunity to work at doing what I love.
A cool clear glass of water.
My fuzzy slippers.

I am thankful every day that I am able to pursue my dreams, that I have the curiosity to do so, and that my body continues to hold me up. I know it may sound trite, but I’m happy that my hands function to type, my eyes function to read, and any pain is minor enough not to distract me. Anything is possible!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Starting out

You may have visited this site because of the nomination for Top Ten Blogs for Writers on Write to Done that I posted for Rosanne Bane’s fantastic blog Bane of Your Resistance.

I admit, I was a little pleased that I was able to post my own blog in order to nominate her blog – but only because that made me eligible to do so. Not because my blog was in any way really ready for discerning eyes. But because it made me part of the club that could nominate Rosanne.

And then, something else happened.

My very best friend since ninth grade, Laurie, passed away after a long battle with cancer. These are all relative terms, I know. Laurie is my very best friend because that is the badge she gave me. Whenever she introduced me to someone, that is what she said, “This is my very best friend, Linda.” I wore that badge proudly, not only because she had so many friends, but because I felt the same way.

There are not many people who come along in life that this can be said of. You have to appreciate them when you find them. And I think we appreciated each other. And the length of our friendship wasn’t the important thing, but it was mentioned a lot, because it really stood out. The important thing, though, was the depth.

It has taken me days to get to the point where I can even talk about this. And to try to figure out how to work around the hole in my life. And to fathom how to move on.

Her battle wasn’t that long, really. It was only 14 months. When she was diagnosed, she didn’t tell me the prognosis (her mother did). But when she got another prognosis in August, it was 3-4 months. She was mad, because prior to that she had been doing so well. But then she got an infection, which led to appendicitis, and the tumors in her lungs took off. At least I think that’s what happened. They seemed to be related. She said, “Four months isn’t long enough.” No, it’s not.

Where I keep ending up with this is: Be kind. Make your time count. Do what matters.

And that is one reason why I am doubly glad that I have embarked on this website and blog journey. Because it brings me back to writing. Helping other people be successful, while also having time to do my own writing.

It should be further along by now. So please do bear with me for just a tiny bit longer. I didn’t have enough in the can to make this seamless. I have to get through this week, and then I hope to get back into the saddle with a vengeance and share with you as much of the wisdom of the industry as I can. I’ve got lots of great interviews planned, two that I need to write up, lots of great articles, tip sheets and so much more to come.

The journey’s just started.



Are you participating in National Novel Writing Month? It started on November 1. You can sign up for free on the NaNoWriMo website, and then, if you complete a 50,000 word novel (presumably coherent) during the month of November, and upload it onto the site, you will receive a certificate and other goodies.

I tried this once, and it’s a great exercise, if nothing else. But honestly, they should do it some other month. November is a terrible month to be taking on a project like this. But someday, I’ll do it again.

What I learned before is that you have to do your prep. There are all kinds of planning aids available, and there are even meet-ups in some cities where writers can hunker down together and type away as a group. The common wisdom is that you need to write 4,000 words a day. Heck, who can’t do that?

It’s all about being part of something bigger. If you want to try it, it’s not too late. Get on over there, check out the forums and sign up for your very own NaNoWriMo.