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FREE Registration on now!

Hey, you bone-crushers out there! I am happy to share that we now have double-digit members on Publishing Bones!

Tell all your peeps! I know you have peeps. Tell your friends, those in your writer’s group, the struggling writer in your book club. Tell them about Publishing Bones. Registration will be free until the end of this month. This site will only be as good as its community. And that means you!

Never fear: we will be adding more functionality as quick as we can. I’ve got plans: a forum for you to talk to each other, regular segments in which you can ask questions, videos, great interviews with industry insiders (so far, I have interviewed Coffee House Press master Chris Fischbach and Rain Taxi leader Eric Lorberer – I just have to transcribe the beasts), plus a program of monthly bonuses that will reward you for being a member.

All this and more. Yes, it’s all for you! Plus great new content, being developed as we speak. What are the Bones? That’s the blog here. Then we’ll flesh it out as we go… hehe, sorry, I couldn’t resist.

And don’t forget, you can follow @PubBones on Twitter, where I will be sharing some of the latest industry information for writers, including this great list of Writer’s Conferences. And my own writing elsewhere, including my most recent post on the Loft’s blog Writer’s Block. Start your year off right by checking out these two links.

The site is coming along, believe it or not. And you are invited along for the ride! If you’d like to register – FREE – just click here to get to the Free Registration form. Fill it out, hit Submit, and you’re done! I hope to get to know you all as we go. Can’t wait to meet you.

6 thoughts on “FREE Registration on now!”

    1. Hey sweetheart! I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean. You should see a form to fill out on the Free Registration page. There is a comment section below that. Is that what you see?

  1. I’m seeing what your friends sees — there is no form for me to fill out. Bummer! Happy New Year to ya Linda! The site looks good.

  2. Are you clicking on the FREE Registration page up in the main menu? That should take you to the form. There is a comment field for every article. I’m not sure what you are seeing.

  3. Hi Linda – Site is looking better and very ambitious:-)
    I registered my email a long time ago, but have received nothing from you? Just FYI in case I was supposed to.
    Continued luck and if I can help, let me know…

    1. Michael – Oh, thanks for noticing! I just signed up for the mail service last week and I have to figure out how to integrate it – I’m sure it’s not that hard, just haven’t had time to dedicate to that particular aspect. But I am planning to send out an email to everyone in the next few days. I have some news! It’s all good. And you are right, I should be more in contact – have to work on that more. Thanks for checking back, lots more to come!

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