Life Cycle of a Book

book-cycle-finalMore and more, I hear from people who are confused about the next steps in the publishing process. I hear from other folks in publishing that they are constantly getting queries about this. And I see deer-in-the-headlights at conferences and luncheons, classes and meetings.

It is confusing. There are so many terms to remember. So many players. What does an agent do? What can I expect from a publicist? How do I find a publisher? What about self-publishing? Reams have been written on these matters. And now, bytes and bytes of information is available. People need answers, they need resources.

Well, that is what I have set out to do here. Admittedly, it is taking a bit longer than I thought. I have not had the time to spend on this that I had hoped I would have. (I had the time, but of course it was eaten up by grief, sickness and sorrow.) And the time I did spend was taken up by technical difficulties that I had not anticipated (who knew?). There are lots more things that I will be including in this website coming up. Please stay with me.

But here is a lovely little graphic that might help you right now (from the fine folks over at Publishing Trendsetter). So on this, Good Friday, I wish you renewal. I think spring is coming, it really is, and I wish you hope and happiness in your endeavors. And I hope that I can help you on your publishing journey. Please do keep checking back. I’ll get this puppy running soon!

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