April A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Some of you, if in fact you are still out there, may know that I have not posted in quite a while. You may remember that I had a hard time with some personal and health issues last winter. The health issues have persisted throughout 2014 and now into 2015. Last year, it was rounds of tests, scans and appointments that made going to the doctor seem like a part-time job. The persistence is that every couple of months, I lose a couple weeks to some medication reaction. It’s better now, as that seems to be the only issue. But it throws me and I am so far behind on so many things.

Well, that leads me to my admission that I have not taken my own advice. We should do this, shouldn’t we? Take our own advice. I always tell authors that if they are thinking of starting a blog, they should have enough material in the can to cover at least a couple of months. Well, I didn’t do that, did I? I also tell authors not to start a blog unless they are going to stick with it. I’m here to tell you that on that score, I mean to make good.

To that end, I am going to be participating in the April A to Z Challenge. What is this, you ask? It is me getting kick-started, a boot in the ass to make good on what I set out to do. But actually, no, it’s a blog-writing challenge where you follow the letters of the alphabet. Everyone writes a post beginning with A, and then on through the month (we get Sundays off) until you have covered all 26 letters. People sign up on the website and they are encouraged to check out each other’s posts. The organizers are heavily into Twitter and will be sharing post tweets and offering general encouragement to keep us going.

I have also volunteered to be one of the minions who helps out with checking blogs (we are called the Alliance). Because we are held to a standard – you have to actually post, or your blog will be taken off the website. This is meant to be a traffic boost, a great way to get to know other bloggers, and only those who are really making the effort will get the exposure. So I’ll be checking out lots of great blogs, and tweeting out my posts, and working my way through the alphabet.

Possible And Impossible Keys Show Optimism And Positivity

I’ll start with A is for AWP. We are having AWP in Minneapolis this year, and I have never been. I couldn’t pass this up, since it’s in my own backyard. For those who don’t know, this is the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference. It is highly academic, but also offers a lot of information and networking for writers. I’m going as a writer, just for myself, never mind industry stuff. I want to meet editors of journals for my poetry and go to sessions on writing creative nonfiction for my book.

My focus for posts for the Challenge will be on publishing and writing, as befits the Publishing Bones, and I’ll toggle between the two. So if that’s a theme, then I am picking it. With over 20 years of experience in publishing and well, lots more years as a writer, I know I can come up with some helpful and interesting material here. My list of ideas includes distraction, fellowships, patience, Twitter, and lots more.

I know lots of other folks are doing all kinds of other themes, so if you are curious, head on over to the A to Z Challenge website and check out the theme reveal – which is today! I might get mine up there, but I’m a little late, so I don’t know. The complete list of participating blogs is at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully this will get me turbo-charged (with AWP right in the middle of April I am sure to be inspired!) to get my blog up and running again and to keep it going. I am looking forward to it! Please feel free to leave comments below if there is a topic that you want me to cover during the April A to Z Challenge!

8 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal”

  1. Good for you for taking on the challenge! Sorry about your health problems! Hoping the rest of 2015 will be more healthier for you! Have fun with the challenge!


  2. Hi Linda,
    So excited to join you as one of Pam’s minions. One of the best things about the a to z challenge is getting to meet other bloggers. I’m looking forward to reading your posts and I know I’ll be learning a lot from you about writing and publishing.

  3. Thanks to you all for your well wishes! I am excited to do this as I really do need the proverbial kick in the ass! I need to figure out six more letters, and will start writing posts tomorrow (a bit behind, I know…)!

  4. I wish I could favorite all of these. I’m so used to using Twitter. If you are on Twitter, come on and follow me there. I post and share tons of publishing and writerly news and info. I’m at @LindaWonder – come find me!

  5. Yes, this is absolutely a theme and one that many of us will benefit from. I am so sorry to hear about your illness. It sounds like you’ve really been through a lot. I know how quickly an injury or illness can consume your life and the last thing you have time for is your blog . I’ve been on an extended , indefinite blogging hiatus and it feels so good to be back . I admire you for jumping in and taking on additional responsibilities with the challenge. You are very dedicated . I’m glad you are doing better and I am eager to read your posts. Good luck with the challenge and with your health. I am really glad I read this because I’ve always heard that when we need to be away, we should let our readers know why and for how long. It never crossed my mind to have enough pre-written post ready to go. Enough to carry us through a month or two is an excellent idea that I intend to implement as soon as i finish the challenge. Thank you for that valuable tidbit. See, I’m learning from you already and the challenge is still days away .

    I am hosting a little mystery game for my crime fiction theme. I will be awarding weekly prizes for solving daily clues and a grand prize for solving the murder mystery. I hope you will stop by and visit .

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