Publishing Bones is a place where authors can come for support, information and ideas about publishing and promoting their books.

It is not a place where we will dwell on craft. There are many good websites that do that already. We won’t promise to be your best source for industry news, except to discuss it as it might affect your work. You may find some book fetish items here, but we are not a reading discovery site, either. BookRiot and GoodReads have those areas covered pretty well.

What you will find is honest, straight-up information. There will be no ads, and you are not required or even encouraged to purchase any services. There may be classes offered later for those who want to take the fast track. There may be occasional special offers for members. But your membership dollars are all you will be asked to spend in order to take advantage of the community and information offered.

Mission Statement

Publishing Bones exists to help writers and authors navigate the path of publishing, by offering good solid content, including industry insider profiles, tips, videos, and checklists, and a supportive online community where they can work through their journey, with the use of a forum, Q&A calls, a blog and rewards for reaching milestones.

No services will be offered on the site, no ads will be displayed. The site is supported by a subscription service run by Wishlist Member software that enables a robust interface and provides more value than the member pays each month.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sue – I’m afraid that you caught me by surprise. While I am pleased that Rosanne Bane mentioned this site, as you can see, it is not quite ready for prime time. It should be – but I have had some personal issues to deal with recently which have taken my attention elsewhere. I do promise to get more content loaded and fix the Free Registration glitch as soon as possible (the page exists but for some reason it’s not showing up in my menu!). Thanks for taking the time to check out the Publishing Bones, and I hope you come back soon when more content is available! I can let you know when the Free Registration is up.

  2. Excellent site, Linda! I look forward to the possibility of working with you and connecting with all the fine information contained in this site, as well as your BookMania site.

    I’ve learned a lot in the past four years about navigating the difficult field of publishing. However, apparently there is so much more to learn. Great to see that you’re doing this!

    Peace! – DDM

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