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Your Registration Wanted!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the free registration for Publishing Bones is still open! I am changing the game plan up a bit – I have decided to keep it free until I reach a couple more benchmarks, in terms of content and members registered, rather than picking an arbitrary date. As I’m about two months behind on everything, I thought I’d cut myself a break on this and actually do it right.

I am working on articles with the spectacular editing help of Dara Syrkin, and Amanda Wray is helping me figure out how everything should look. There’s a chance I’ll change the theme yet again, but I haven’t had time to play with that yet. The learning curve for WordPress can be daunting, let me tell you. I’m also working on figuring out the email integration, getting my Google Analytics set up, and having a presence on some blogs, websites and at some events.

There will be so much content coming your way!! I’ve got two articles in the works, interviews with Chris Fischbach, who runs the ship at Coffee House Press, and Eric Lorberer, who steers Rain Taxi. I’ve got other folks lined up to interview, as soon as I get caught up a bit, including an Art Director, an agent, and several authors. I am lucky to live in a place that is the epicenter of entrepreneurial publishing and has attracted many book lovers BACK from New York City! Their wisdom will be yours.

I will also have videos (now that’s a learning curve too!), checklists, mind maps, how-tos, a forum, and some more personal interactive elements, which the membership will help decide on with their input. I’ll have regular bonuses and rewards, and lots of great advice will be given from members for members.

Please do let your peeps know that now is the time. We had nine new members in the just two days last week from just one mention on a member blog (I’m pretty sure about that, but eager to get my GA up so I will know for sure next time!). So everyone can help make a difference here. The pay model will be a mere $10 a month, but I’d like to get the membership up to critical mass before adding some of the interactive features and launching the pay model.

But YOU! You will be grand-fathered in to be a FREE full member for as long as you wish. Publishing Bones is something that will continue to grow, and I hope that you will be a part of it. Just go to the Free Registration tab and enter your info – and you’re done! If you could help out by mentioning this on your blog or on any social media profiles, that would be great. And don’t forget, you can find me on Twitter at @PubBones. Follow me there for some masterful tweeting!