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Feeding the Book Fetish

Sheet metal wall hangings (Bachman's)

Sheet metal wall hangings (Bachman’s)

If you are like me, you like all things bookish. I have a pretty good collection of coffee mugs, a Laini Taylor book lady, several fake book boxes, desk accessories that look like library furniture, book jewelry, and metal punctuation marks on my wall. But there’s always room for more.

MCBAI just spent a few minutes in The Shop at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and let me tell you, there was enough there to feed even the most ardent addiction. There were two little Shakespeare theater sets: one that was paper, which included 60 finger puppets (I also saw this in the Bas Bleu catalog) with the casts of several plays, and a paper Globe Theater you could set up; and the other with puppets made of cloth or felt that only included the main characters of Hamlet, and the box they came in became the stage. Less story, more sturdy. Either way, they were delightful.

There was also a book of Author Paper Dolls, which included several authors with three or four outfits each. The outfits would have you either dressing the doll as one of the author’s iconic character (think Dickens as Marley’s ghost), or include items they might have worn based on their interests (such as Dickinson wearing garb to garden in).

The killer, though, were these little houses. I mean, they were 3D puzzles that created houses that depicted fairy tale scenes. The house from Hansel and Gretel, the house from the Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You see? The set included the puzzle and a copy of the story book. This particular item deftly combines my two great addictions: tiny things and books. I love miniatures, and it has always been a dream of mine to create miniature room boxes of scenes from literature. I could do this with these (albeit with a little less detail than I had imagined), and I am seriously considering the Hansel and Gretel item. It would be perfect.

MatchboxesI saw a couple of other things elsewhere, today, that piqued my book-nerdy-ness. Apparently, matchboxes are a thing now. Or again. One of our local indie bookstores, Common Good Books, posted a photo of their new display of matchboxes, featuring – what else? – book covers. Oh, what fun. Think of the uses!

The last item I will mention is imbued with my passion for text, fonts, and letters – and turns it into high fashion, though with a grisly bent, because it’s also a tribute to one of my favorite authors. I’ve seen these with newspaper print, but never like this. PoePumpsPoe pumps. Yep, that’s right. Well, here, see for yourself. Oh. my. gosh. And you can buy them here.

Don’t mean to get off topic; I’ll have more insightful and valuable advice on publishing soon. But I thought some of you just might enjoy these little tidbits too. Think of it as your reward for getting through another week! In fact, I might be able to make it a regular thing – we can call it Freakin’ Friday. How’s that sound?