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1649-businessThere are many things that make up the mystical land of ‘social media.’ And each author or writer has to decide on their own whether or not they are going to go there, and how deep into it they are going to get.

It depends on your comfort level with technology, your target market, your available time, and a few other factors. If you want to find out more, this section will cover many aspects of social media: what profiles you might want to have for different uses, and what to do once you get to those platforms. We’ll cover etiquette, tips and tricks for engagement, why, how and when.

You don’t have to be a slave to social media. But even if you’re not a native, you should know the customs.

One thought on “Social Media”

  1. One of the points I’ve found out about social media is that you can take it too far—it “feels like” you’re doing work, but that only goes so far. I think the point you hit spot on is that you don’t want to be a slave to social media.

    The other point that is worth mentioning is that Facebook, especially, is a business. That means that if you want to build a following or drive traffic, you need to be willing to put some bucks behind the posts from a business perspective. I’ve managed to assemble a significant following with several of my sites, but it takes time and money, both investments people don’t like to do, because you don’t see an immediate return on investment. But . . . it’s a long game!

    Again, excellent site. Peace! – DDM

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