Traditional Publishing

If you are going to try the traditional publishing route, there is one thing you will need in abundance. Well, actually two things: patience and tenacity. But that is true for any way that you might publish, actually.

The bottom line is that a traditional publishing journey can take up to two years after the book has been contracted by a publisher. They have the say in many areas. You may have little control.

But what the process lacks in swiftness it makes up for in comprehensiveness. At least that is what an author should hope. There are many things that a publishing house does really well that will serve an author well. From distribution to marketing to gang promotion, there are parts of the industry that are very hard for an author to emulate on their own.

Your book could be the Next Big Thing. It could be the darling of its catalog season. Or you could be one of the many mid-list authors who is not getting any love. Because the fact is that even if you do go the traditional publishing route, you are going to have to do much of the legwork of promoting your book yourself.

There are still many reasons to go the traditional publishing route. It’s not dead by any means. But there is much you should know about it, too.

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